Bow E3

Looking for a home in London shouldn’t be that hard. There are many options you can find that are suitable for single living, a medium-sized family, or even a big family. Price also varies depending where so there is one that will suit your budget. If you are looking for a big home for your big family, Bow E3 is a great place to find one.

Bow is a district in London composed mostly of residential and built-up spaces. It was previously named as Stratford-atte-Bow but is now just referred to as Bow and Stratford as a different district. Bow refers to a bridge that was built in the area in the early parts of the 12th century. It is located just adjacent the Olympic Park which is where the 2012 London Olympics was held. Today, Bow is currently in the process of intensive urban regeneration to improve living conditions and to coincide with the Olympic Games.

Bow is an ideal location for living as it is situated very close to various amenities and attractions in London. There is the Victoria Park located on the south and the River Lea runs across the district. Stratford is also a few miles away from Bow, making shops and certain local attractions very accessible.

There are also various famous landmarks located in Bow. St. Mary’s Church is one which you can find in Bow Road. It is a historical church with some parts of it built way back 1311. Bow is also where you will find the statue of William Ewart Gladstone which stands just right outside the Bow Church.

There is also a memorial of George Lansbury that is built around the corner of Bow Road and Harley Grove you can find. The authentic Poplar Town Hall is also found just at the south of Bow Road very near the DLR train station. It is still continuously being used to register marriages and births.

Bow can be an ideal location for living as it is a quiet district filled mostly with residential homes and at the same time well-connected through various modes of transportation.

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