Canary Wharf E14

Canary Wharf is known as the business district of London. It is one of the two main financial districts of the British capital and houses the second tallest building in the country called the One Canada Square. It is where some of the world’s major banks’ headquarters are located such as Citigroup, JP Morgan, Credit Suisse, and Thomson Reuters. Needless to say, Canary Wharf is one of the most affluent districts in the entire country.

The Canary Wharf as we know today was actually once a dock. But as the port industry experienced a steep decline in the 1950’s, it was forced to close down by the year 1980. The image of the district that we know today was actually started by Michael von Clemm, former chairman of Credit Suisse First Boston, when he decided to establish a back office here. Because of this, there were further discussions between G Ware Travelstead that led to the development of the area as a business district. In 1991, the first few buildings were first established including the One Canada Square.
There were local oppositions at first for the establishment of this business district as people saw no local employment opportunities and transportation improvements with this development. But local residents lost the case to the development projects happening in the district and today, Canary Wharf is further developing.

Canary Wharf is hub to some of the country’s tallest buildings. It is a high-rise community with tall buildings established in almost all directions. Aside from One Canada Square, there is also the 8 Canada Square, the 25 Canada Square, 40 Bank Street, Pan Peninsula, and so much more.

The modern Canary Wharf is also very accessible with various transportation modes available. London City Airport is linked via Docklands Light Railway to Canary Wharf. It is also served by hundreds of bus routes, 135 of which start at Old Street Nation and end in Crossharbour, and another 277 that begin in Highbury & Islington and end in Leamouth.

Canary Wharf is indeed a great location for people looking for a place to establish their business in. Also, there are many high-rise residential properties here that offer luxury and comfort.

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