Canning Town E16

Canning Town is a district in London that is situated at the former London Docks north of the Thames River. Here is where the infamous Rathbone Market is situated. It is said that even if the neighboring areas are experiencing redevelopment projects such as Docklands, the area still remains to be within the 5% most deprived areas in the country with residents suffering from poor health, poor education standing, and poverty.

Canning Town was once a marshland and can only be reached through the use of a boat. In 1809, an act was passed stating the construction of the Barking Road to be located between the East India Docks and Barking. After construction, the area then became more accessible to more people.

In 1855, as the Victoria Dock was opened, the development in Canning Town also accelerated creating more employment opportunities as the increased need for dock workers are experienced. New settlements also spurred. However, the settlement area had no water supply and sewerage system which led to cholera and small pox outbreaks.

But today, the area is undergoing significant regeneration projects to help elevate living conditions and make the area more habitable as London’s population continuous to increase.

The regeneration project in the area is currently under pinning by various authorities and even residents of the area. The project budget is £1.7 billion and that will include demolishing over 1,650 homes and establishing more than 8,000 new ones for a better and more desirable community; creating 500,000 square meter space for a town center for gatherings, events, and a market place; improved community facilities such as libraries and a healthcare facility; and, improving primary school conditions in the area.

The regeneration project poses a promising future for Canning Town. It is very accessible to various transportation modes, making it a convenient location for residents. However, with its current deprived condition, people hardly want to live here. But since the regeneration project started, the area is now beginning to attract more people to reside here as the living conditions have become better for settlers. It promises better living to people.

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