Docklands E16

Docklands E16 has many property offerings for individuals and families looking for a new home. From affordable ones to more luxurious spaces – you can find a wide selection here.

Docklands is a semi-official name given to a part of the east and southeast of London where the boroughs of Tower Hamlets, Newham, Lewisham, Greenwich, and Southwark meet. The Docklands were once a part of the largest port in the world known as the Port of London. But since the decline of ship traffic in the area, the Docklands has been redeveloped for commercial and residential use.

In the medieval times, ships used to dock in small quays. But this type of dock provided very little protection from thieves and was deemed very small as ships grew larger in size. The Howland Great Dock was established to answer these concerns providing a larger space, a more secure and sheltered dock where ships can anchor, and can accommodate up to 120 vessels all at the same time.

This became a huge commercial success and was followed later by more developments and expansion. However, during the Second World War, the dock was greatly devastated and was hit by no less than 2,500 bombs. Today, the area is still undergoing development projects to improve its image and make the space more habitable and more attractive for commercial use.

Because of the successful redevelopment projects the Docklands is experiencing, this has prompted even more future redevelopment planned and lined up. There is an extension program for the Docklands Light Railway to reach, possibly, Dagenham that is currently being planned. The Crossrail link of the mainline to Canary Wharf, central part of London and to Heathrow Airport is also being planned.

There is also a proposed further development of the Canada Waters. All of these planned and proposed projects can help greatly improve the image and living conditions in Docklands. It will make the area more accessible thereby attracting more businesses to expand in their commercial areas.

Docklands is truly a great venue for people looking for a place to reside in and a place to grow one’s business.

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