Isle Dogs E14

Found in the East End of London, the Isle of Dogs is a sought after location for many property buyers. It currently bounded on the east, west and south by the meanders in the River Thames. As the name suggests, the Isle of Dogs is an island and is connected by bridges and tunnels to other parts of London. It features the following:

•    Parking areas available
•    Flats, apartments and homes
•    Nearby facilities available
•    Safe district
•    Multiple transportation options

Despite the seeming isolation, the Isle of Dogs is filled with different facilities that make it the ideal residential spot. There are various shops, bars and restaurants for entertainment purposes. Transportation going to and from the area is also available. The nearest one is the Canary Wharf London Underground station which is found on the Jubilee Line. The DLR is also available in the island which includes the Heron Quays, Mudchute, Sout Quay, Island Gardens and Crossharbour. Since it is practically bordered by river, water transportation is also available. The Masthouse Terrace pier is currently on the working river boat pier in the area. Services are offered by different institutions including the Thames Clipper.

These varying transportation options make it easy for individuals to get in and out of the island. Since some businesses are also located in the Isle of Dogs, other residents need not leave the area and can commute through other methods. London bus routes for the Isle of Dogs are as follows

•    London Buses route 135
•    London Buses route 277
•    London Buses route D3
•    London Buses route D6
•    London Buses route D7
•    London Buses route D8
•    London Buses route N550

Crime in the area is relatively small, offering residents the safety and security they crave. The homes offers are also in top form with buildings meeting the modern standards of durability. With all the luxuries available, flat and apartments at the Isle of Dogs are perfect for the young professionals. Family homes located in the area are also available in the market. Prices are reasonable and may be bought or rented depending on preferences. Educational institution in the area is available as well.

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