Poplar E14

Poplar is an ideal location for a home as it offers tranquil residential streets and offers convenience as it is located near major shopping centers and transportation hubs.

Poplar is a very historic district in London. It is mainly a residential area located in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets. The houses you will find here are a mixture of both 18th and 19th century terraced houses fused with 20th century council estates. Today, the district is said to be continuously undergoing gentrification due to its close proximity to major business districts located in Canary Wharf, and the budding nightlife of Brick Lane and Shoreditch.The district is also home to several seamen buildings which is a reflection of the district’s long relationship with the docklands in London. This long standing partnership is what gives the district employment. The largest of all these mission buildings and considered as the original one is located in Hale Street. But the current mission building here is located in the Northern part of the East India Dock Road. Today, some of the mission buildings standing are now converted into lavish apartments to accommodate the ever growing population of London.

Poplar also served as home to many notable residents of the UK. John Mucknell, who is called the King’s Pirate, lived in Poplar when he decided to marry and settle down. Teddy Baldock, known as the Commonwealth Boxing Bantamweight Champion, also settled here. Other notable personalities who lived here are Tommy Flowers who designed the very first electronic computer that is programmable and Angela Lansbury who is a Hollywood actress.

Poplar is indeed a great location to live in for its rich history and continuous redevelopment projects. Many of the apartments you will find established here today are lavish and designed to resemble the 18th and 19th century homes while at the same time keep up with modern and contemporary aesthetics. The best thing about living here is that it is very accessible and close to major districts and centers in London. There is also public transportation available to cater to the population of Poplar.

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