South Woodford E18

The South Woodford area is found in north east London and is categorized as a suburb. Hence, it’s quieter than most districts and is about 8.9 miles away from Charing Cross. It is situated in the London Borough of Redbrige and encompasses the Church End as well as Roding. The area features the following:

•    Comes with parking spots
•    Numerous rental options
•    Near different facilities
•    Comes with train stations
•    Regular bus services
•    Multiple transportation options
•    Generally safe environment

South Woodford offers several facilities that make it a good residential spot. Bars, restaurants and shops are all over the area; there are different transportation options as well.Chain stores like Mark and Spencer, Boots and other smaller shops have located in this area along with a few entertainment facilities. Churches are also present representing different denominations of the Christian community.The Redbridge Drama Center can also be found within the area.

Residents with their own cars can make use of the North Circular Road or the A1400. They can also use the A104 which leads to central London through Hackney.As for buses, South Woodford is actually connected by all bus services except the route 123. All the buses serving this area are wheel-chair accessible and low floor. The South Woodford tube station is also available through the Travelcard Zone 4 of the Central Line. Note that the George Lane has been split into two by the Central Line track with the residential area occupying one side and the shops placed on the other.

When it comes to safety, the South Woodford is also an ideal choice. The area is well lighted and covered by the Metropolitan police. The properties in the area are also well within the average costs with options ranging from studio types, apartments and homes. The suburb is also ideal for family life especially with the presence of educational institutions nearby.

The South Woodford is open for any interested residents especially young professionals. Parking spaces for individuals who have their own cars are also available in the area.Currently, the internet offers multiple choices for individuals who are looking for properties in the South Woodford area.

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