Stratford E15

If you are looking for a new home for you and your family, consider some properties you can find in Stratford E15. There are so many options here depending on your budget.

Stratford is a district located in East London and is considered as one of the major districts of the city. It was originally an agrarian area which then became an industrial suburb following the industrial revolution and the introduction of the railway system. In the 19th century it grew and expanded and became the center of administration. Today, the district is now considered as a major commercial and cultural center, and is recently expanded due to the 2012 London Olympics.

Living in Stratford E15 entitles residents to live near various places and major city centers. It is very near Victoria Park, West Ham, Hackney Wick and River Lea. It is also home to some of the city’s major landmarks including the Church of St. John Evangelist, Martyr’s Memorial, King Edward VII’s Public House, and Abbey Mills Pumping Station.
Stratford is also an ideal place for getting to know more about the culture and the arts of London. The Stratford Cultural Quarter as they call it is located just adjacent to the major shopping center of Stratford. There is the Theatre Royal Stratford East, Stratford Circus, and the Discover Children’s Story Center.

Stratford is also known to be a major education hub in the city being the home of the prestigious University of East London. The major building of the university called the University Home is one of the most beautiful historical buildings in the entire city. Adjacent to the university, another beautiful historical structure is also preserved, the Passmore Edwards Building.

Accessibility is also never an issue in Stratford. It contains 5 major transportation hubs to make getting around the city and other parts of the UK easier. There are different train stations like the Maryland railway station and the Docklands Light Railway.

Stratford is an ideal location if you want accessibility to many different areas in London. It takes you near cultural centers, near landmarks, and near transportation hubs.

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