London 2012

London 2010: Property Hotspots at Olympic Park

Sell or rent your Stratford property for more than you thought this season. As the country gears up for the 2012 Olympic Games, the development of the Olympic Park is creating property hot spots in and around the Stratford area. Strike whilst the iron is hot and you could get a great price for your property or apartment. Whether you want to invest in a flat or commercial property, our highly professional property agents could help you make the most of the opportunities that Olympic Park has to offer.

Gateway to the Games: Get More for Your Property

Get more than you thought for your Stratford property by selling or renting at the perfect time. Olympic Park’s 700 acre development requires constant maintenance which has created an ever increasing demand for sales, long term rentals and serviced apartments. Teams of people are being fed into the area to live and work which allow areas in and around Stratford to benefit from increased property value. Whether you want to let your current Stratford apartment, Olympic Park property or sell your existing flat; our team of talented property management experts could help you profit from these property hotspots.

Areas that could benefit from the increase in property and rental value include;

·        Westfield Stratford City

·        Stratford East London

·        Stratford High Street

·        Areas North of Canary Wharf

Invest in the Best Apartment: Olympic Park Properties

Stratford is undergoing a drastic change, which leading property agents suggest will open up a world of development and investment opportunities for private owners and commercial investors. The development of Stratford City is expected to generate over 35,000 new jobs which will undoubtedly increase demand for apartments and properties in the Olympic Park area. Whether you want to attract buyers with a flat that has exceptional views across the park or an apartment that will increase in value over the next few years, we could help you find the perfect property to invest in.

Looking for an Apartment, Olympic Park?

Get more for your money with an apartment, Olympic Park flat or property investment. We scour the market to bring you the latest Stratford properties for you to invest in. Find the best price for your Stratford apartment with the help of our property specialists and talk to a member of the team today.

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